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Tobias Apollyon

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Hey, you've reached the residence of Tobias.  We're not in right now, so if you'll leave your name and number.... *looks around*  Oh, right.  Sorry bout that, kinda spaced, lol.

I'm Tobias.  I'm a vampyre.  And no, not the bloodsucking, demonic, murderous creatures you see on television.  I'm a simple guy who lives a simple life, with some extra needs to sustain me.  I don't have fangs, I don't kill people to get what I need.  I take from willing people called "donors."  These are people who have been tested for all forms of trasmitable diseases and who have consented to allow me to take blood from them.  I don't cut unless I have to, and even then it is only a small cut in order to all me to get a small amount, after which I immediately clean and bandage the wound.

Now, I know this sounds kinda "Satanic" or some other evil slur, but it's not.  It is simply what I need to survive and remain healthy, just like most normal humans need certain vitamins and minerals to survive.  Now, if you're not completely grossed out and wish to learn more without trying to judge me, then please e-mail me at the address provided on this site and I'll be glad to tell you more.  And you can also check out the info I'll be posting on this site under my personal Archive.  The Archive will be explained later on the Archive page under the navigation bar.  (soon to be added)

If you don't believe in the paranormal, mystical, spiritual, or metaphysical then please don't bother me.  And if you write me claiming to be a "hunter," bug off.  I'll have you arrested so fast it'll make your head spin if you think to threaten me.

With that said, I bit you all welcome to my site and hope you have a pleasant stay.

You can get in touch with me at


Pain is fleeting, Death is eternal.