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Tobias Apollyon

About Me

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Here's a bit about me and how I became who I am today:

As I stated before, my name is really Jonathan.  I came about the name Tobias Apollyon from the name of one of the characters from my books.  I liked it so much that I decided to use it in the Online Vampyre Community (OVC).  I have been actively learning about vampyres four about 8 or 9 months, though I'm not sure of the exact date.  I am 18 years old, and my birthday is June 24.  But do not judge me for my age, because I am wise beyond my years.  I am not boasting, just stating a simple fact.  I am a very old soul, or so I've been told.  I am a counselor and a friend to all those in need.  My main goal is to help those I can.


For those of you who don't know much about me, I am a therian wolf (some would call me a werewolf, although I don't actually physically shift into a wolf) and also a psi/sang/empathic vampyre.  I awakened to both of those sides about four months ago, though I only recently awakened to my sanguine vampyrism.  It has taken me a while to accept my vampyric and therian natures.  It is a hard life to live as a vampyre, and my therian side has had its lows also.  With my vampyrism, my main problem was actually believing in what I was.  I had been learning about vampyres for so long but I had never really thought that I could actually be one.  But, some things happen for a reason.  All it took was an energy embrace by another to spark the beginnings of my awakening, though truthfully my real awakening wouldn't happen for a few months later.  As the time passed, I grew aware of my need of energy and the fact that I was unconsciously feeding.  With my natural empathy that I possessed, I'd always been good at counseling others--providing an ear for a friend in need, a shoulder to crying, and generally being there for others when their emotions were chaotic or volatile.  I know now that I was using my skills as a listener as a means to put myself into a position to feed from these people's energy.  The excess energy put off by their emotions didn't drain them, so I don't feel too bad for it, and at times it actually helped the person by calming their emotions.  


I won't post anything on my sanguine side, at least not yet.  As for my therian side, it was an ex-friend of mine who first suggested that I might be therian, due to the fact that I reacted a lot differently to certain things and that I seemed to "shift" at certain times from my normal reactions to more animalistic instincts.  What really drew his attention to it were my reactions to situations when my girlfriend was upset or hurting.  My mentality would usually shift, even without me realizing it, and over time I even took to growling aloud.  Well, over time, my shifting grew more frequent and with each time, I grew more restless.  About a month ago, I took to going outside when I would accidentally shift and let my wolf side have full freedom.  You see, one of the main problems I had at first was letting go, of accepting this other side of myself.  The first night I let go and went outside and ran as a wolf (in human form, lol) it was incredible!  I'd never felt anything like it before!  It was an incredible high!  And afterwards, my entire body was bursting with such energy that I could barely contain it.  Well, after that night, it was a couple of days before I had the chance to run again, and still it was incredible.  In fact, it was even more intense.


~More to be added to this soon~

Pain is fleeting, Death is eternal.